Baby Food – “yeuch!”

“Homogenising a meal to feed to babies is a terrible idea.”

Yesterday I went into a supermarket and bought:

  • A bottle of wine
  • A baby food meal
  • A baby food desert

    I have long been interested in the feeding of babies, infact almost everything about babies. Indeed, I once worked in a nursery, and observed babies being fed, but I don’t have one (a baby). So, the bottle of wine and baby food purchase might have looked more suspect than it actually was. I bought the baby food to eat it myself. I wanted to try it. In the spirit of science. It was an experiment.

    So, I was standing in the question clutching my bottle of wine. {Oh! Wait! Look at that! That was a mistake, …or was it? I like the image of standing in a question. Anywayz  } as I was saying, I had just got to the front of the supermarket queue with my wine when I noticed the baby food and decided on the spur of the moment to try some, so I dashed to the side of the queue and picked up my hurried choice of a first course and a pudding of the variety that they make for and serve to babies. It was not, as I realised later, what it might have looked like to the checkout girl: an alcoholic’s  last minute, “Oh God, I forgot – I have to feed the baby!” sort of purchase.

    So the experiment began. I had chosen:  Spag Bol with a sprinkle of cheese (100% organic)

    and Fruit layer – mango & banana topped with yougurt (also organic – percentage not given)

    I thought the desert looked the least unappetising so I tried it first. (Shame that babies don’t have that option.)  It comes in a jar.  I opened the jar.  First impressions: It smelt horrible. It looked horrible. I dipped my spoon in. Gingerly (in the style of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five) I tasted. . . It was horrible. There is no other word for it (that’s a stupid expression – there are loads of other words).  The “topping” which I had dipped my spoon into was called “yogurt” but I’m pretty sure that I know what yogurt – one of my most favourite foods – tastes like and that wasn’t it.  Digging deeper down, we came to the mango and banana layer, ànd it was. . . Horrible.

    Now I don’t know whàt the manufactory process is for this and other baby foods but I think I’m going to do some research into it (I’ll read the label). However, first I want to say to the baby food manufacturers   ¿WTF?   ¿HOW ON EARTH can you take three of my very favourite foodstuffs of all time and make of them something that I wouldn’t eat unless I was starving (or conducting an experiment)?

    So, to move onto the main course – that lip smacking Spag Bol. (Yes, it say’s that on the packet.) This product comes in a pouch which y.

    😎 {unfinished – to be continued}



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